Company Profile

Crane Carrier Company (CRANE) is an operating company of Hines Corporation with itís company headquarters, manufacturing operations and primary parts distribution center based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. CRANE remains small enough to serve their niche markets well, and big enough to make a difference in the markets they serve. CRANE chassis are specifically designed to interface with their customerís products and market vocations.

Well Servicing Rig from the 60's

Since 1953, CRANE has evolved as a leader in the production of custom-engineered heavy-duty Class 8, diesel and alternate fueled truck chassis. CRANE is one of the world’s foremost manufacturer’s of custom vehicles for Heavy Truck, Refuse Collection, Mobile Drill Rig, Terminal Tractors, OEM and various other demanding On & Off highway vocational applications.

Among the company’s resources are strong engineering, technical experience, modern facilities, equipment and skilled craftsmanship. These assets have contributed to the growing distributor sales, service and parts distribution network while maintaining the CRANE reputation for product quality, innovation and a stronger, longer lasting chassis.

CRANE has grown over the past 50 years with the customers they serve, and continues to develop their custom chassis product lines in response to new and challenging demands of the industries they serve. The most distinguishing feature of CRANE equipment is its’ capability to meet specific vocational applications while contributing to the daily operations by enhancing the operators environment, improving performance and outliving its competitors products in the same setting.

LET2 Packaged Front Loader Refuse Vehicle

To help fulfill growing market needs for custom heavy-duty trucks and carriers, today the company is multi-vocational in scope. With the technical research and development capabilities and diversified production experience, CRANE is equipped for the task of manufacturing vehicles to increasingly demanding market and customer specifications.

CRANE currently produces specialized equipment for Waste Collection, Construction, Mobile Drilling, Mining, Terminal Tractors for Commercial and Military vocations, and other applications where heavy-duty chassis equipment is essential.

One of CRANE’S most important resources is professionalism - represented by people exercising innovation and pride in the products they build. It is the people of Crane Carrier Company whose support has essentially contributed to the success and satisfaction of our many customers.

In 1974, CRANE consolidated operations in a 500,000 square foot facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma, reflecting the company’s objective to centralize major assembly operations and its continued expansion of product lines, new industry applications, and new markets. Designated the Sheridan plant, the facility enabled CRANE to triple its previous production capacity and has eliminated the requirement for several smaller facilities in the Tulsa area. The Sheridan plant serves as CRANE’S primary assembly plant and headquarters for its corporate, engineering, marketing, sales, service, parts and administrative operations.